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What is OkEx?

Okex is working to change what it means to be a cryptocurrency exchange. The platform itself takes new steps in offering changes in the market by giving the chance for futures. The access to the exchange can be somewhat limited thanks to user guidelines but it can offer plenty of support for cryptocurrency traders.

The platform itself got started in 2014 in China and it is grown to be the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by volume. It’s estimated that $1.5 billion in revenue passes through the website almost every day.

Trading with Okex

Okex offers trading over exchanges worldwide. There are only a few countries which are excluded from trading on the platform. Currently the platform is not available to members of the public in Iran, Crimea, Sudan and a few other areas of the world.

In the United States, you can trade over this system with ease and the sign-up process on Okex is designed to be very easy. With a prompt for your e-mail address and telephone number, you can set up your account and then be set to create a password. By verifying your e-mail account you can qualify for the early transaction limit of $2000. With the level to verification including your ID, your limits go up to $200,000. A third-party verification with a photo of you beside your ID can increase your transaction limit to $500,000.

The trading process on the platform is also made simple with the option for futures, token trading, charts, FIAT to token exchange and more. All of the information that you would ever need about each one of these trade options is available in charting up on the platform.

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Trading Fees with Okex

The trading fees on Okex are still relatively light. There is a .1 marker and taker fee on almost every type of token to token trade. A new fee structure is coming out for this year and this can reduce the overall cost of using the platform even further.

Futures fees are a little bit different as well. Decided by the token themselves, there is a .075 taker fee and a .05 settlement fee. There is also a tiered and volume-based fee discount structure based off of the total amount that you are planning on exchanging out of the system. If you plan on making some larger trade you can often save money on Okex.

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OkEx’s customer support

Customer support on Okex is enhanced with the help of the FAQ database as well as live customer support that’s available during certain hours of the day. Although the customer support network is not as widely available as some other exchanges, it can deliver assistance when you need it most.

Pros & Cons

  • Lower fees
  • The option for futures trading
  • Larger limits for verified accounts
  • Great customer support


Okex represents an excellent way that you can quickly get up and running with trading. Having the option for some advanced trading preferences can also give users the chance to advance their skills and their profits in crypto trading.

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