If you are looking for an excellent platform with high quality cryptocurrency exchange, you should strongly consider the idea of finding one of the leading platforms for cryptocurrency exchange and trading. Indacoin is a perfect example of a cryptocurrency exchange that has gained trusted traction in the market today. In this Indacoin review, we will provide a complete overview of the product itself.

What is Indacoin?

Indacoin is a global platform that is considered to be one of the best for making quick purchases of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency. It’s one of the very few exchanges that will allow you to purchase cryptocurrency in over 200 countries without the need for registration and with only a credit or debit card.

Trading with Indacoin:

Buying Bitcoin/ Iota Coin or other popular cryptocurrency on this exchange really just involves going to the buy bitcoin page, entering your wallet and credit card information and then receiving a call from Indacoin. In order to process the transaction without registration, the company will call your phone and deliver a four digit code. You can enter that into the order page and that you will have a three digit code that you will see within your charge on the credit card which can confirm the transaction.

Trading with Indacoin can often take a few transactions as you will be limited to $50 for your first transaction and your account can open up to $500 after your first transaction and the account being in good standing for eight days. After the first month, you can seek verification for $5000 limits and verify your card and ID to unlock limits completely.

Trading here is seamless even if you don’t currently have or need an account on a crypto exchange. It can be a very simple solution to get your first cryptocurrency or to buy/sell Iota Coin / bitcoin.

Trading fees:

The fees with Indacoin vary depending on the transactions that you are making. Each cryptocurrency has its own limits and fees that are associated with the trade. The only published fee that the platform does discolose is the withdrawal fee which sits at 7% for any crypto withdrawal into a FIAT currency.

Which cryptocurrencies are traded here?

There are plenty of pairing options including MIota, BTC, DGB, DMD, DNT, DOGE, CRB, CURE, DASH, CLOAK, CANN, BURST and more. With so many options for cryptocurrencies available, you can make sure that you can find something at a correct pricepoint for your needs that can also help you earn extra money when trading as a pair.


The system is extremely responsive
Great leverage on some pairs with up to 5x on some trades.
One of the quickest ways to buy Bitcoin online.
Secure and fast
A decent volume of cryptocurrency.
Buy Iota Coin & Bitcoin with credit card

Customer support:

The customer support chat window is always available and it’s located on the right-hand side of the website. From here you can enter your e-mail address and customer support providers can contact you via e-mail. The support is generally very quick and any inquiry can be responded to with questions answered quite thoroughly. You can start the chat and have any of your questions answered quickly if you run into trouble.


If you are looking for a simple way to get into cryptocurrency, Indacoin is one of the fastest solutions for buying bitcoin online and having access to a trusted exchange. Although they are not as large as some of the competition, they remain a solid choice in the market.