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If you are looking for a crypto exchange that can deliver some of the best in pairing and user interface support, Huobi represents one of the best options currently. The company is based out of Singapore and offers a mix of varying fees and support options for pairing.

Huobi does have an office in the United States as a cryptocurrency exchange partner and it is the plan of the company to continue expanding their service outwardly to United States citizens. By offering registration for customers in several different countries around the world and the intent to continue expanding their platform, Huobi can represent a simple sign-up that offers plenty of protection for investors.

Trading with Huobi:

The trading process with Huobi is also extremely simple. You just need to follow a link to create an account and the instructions are displayed in the top right corner of the homepage. The first sign-up screen will take you to the option to choose your country of origin and there are over 130 countries to choose from for options when creating an account.

There are 40 pairings available to US customers as well as 100 different pairings for BTC trading on the website. The main trading screen makes sure that it’s quite easy to provide comprehensive trading pairs through the sidebar with plenty of information on each of the pairs that you may plan on trading.

The candlestick graphs as well as the trading screen ensures that you can get access to all of the information that you might need to create informed trades for the future. The detailed statistics on each currency format is excellent on Huobi and one of the highlights of the platform.

Trading Fees with Huobi:

The trading fees with Huobi are relatively low with trading pairs at around .2%, the platform does offer both maker and take her fees which are added to the order book when there is a limit order on any type of trading. When the funds are withdrawn from your account you can also be subject to some smaller fees so it could be a good idea to consider keeping tabs on your fees before you handle the process of withdraws.


Great security features on board
24/7 customer service
Great Statistics available for customers
High quality trading tools
Plenty of coin pairings
Customer support:

The customer support through Huobi is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The support network offers very quick analysis for identification and verification and the network can offer very quick troubleshooting for a wide range of issues quickly.


Huobi represents a very competitive crypto exchange. The platform itself comes with a variety of trading tools and the customer service is a rarity with 24-hour a day availability. The coin pairings as well as the unique nature of this exchange can really offer a lot to its customers if you are willing to give it a try.