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What is Exrates?

Exrates is more than just an exchange, it’s widely considered to be a fast-growing exchange platform. This means that the system itself is actually aimed at generating improvements with digital trading by making it more accessible for newer investors. The system itself uses a very intuitive AI in order to help customers trade with ease.

With the help of these online tools it possible for even the newest customer to start making balance trades from the day they create their account on Exrates.

Exrates Crypto Exchange

Trading with Exrates:

The biggest features of Exrates as a cryptocurrency exchange is that it offers just the minimal commission structure, maximum security through block chain technology, adaptive interfaces as well as the option for plenty of currency pairings.

The process of easy transfers and more really make sure that trading on the Exrates system can be done with a great degree of ease. The competitive fees as well as the quick process for signing up for the platform really make this a competitive place to start trading.

Exrates is best known as being a simple interface that is highly functional for its charting. The online book as well as the live chat and charting really make sure that customers can access the tools that they need to succeed in their early trades. The advanced onboard algorithms can also make sure that each customer can have an informed look at their trade and fast support for capitalizing on currency pairs which can produce positive results.

Trading Fees with Exrates:

The fees with Exrates , at a flat rate of .2% which is just below the industry average. Flat trading fees are typically around .25% and there are also a series of withdrawal fees that can be tacked onto regular trading and exchange in the platform. These are fairly standard trading fees and something that you might expect for using the platform. While it may not offer the competitive fee structure of some of the other exchanges, the trading fees here are definitely at a fairly conservative rate.


  • Fees are relatively competitive
  • Plenty of pairings and FIAT currencies supported
  • Excellent trading volumes to begin with
    An enjoyable interface.

Customer support:

The customer support system on this platform is fairly good for the market. They have an online live chat as well as the option to reach the site creators through e-mail. Although they do not have the same type of opening hours as some other live chat, Exrates also features a comprehensive FAQ that can be a wealth of help for customers along its website.


The company is expanding to include a variety of FIAT currencies apart from just cryptocurrencies. As it is not a regulated platform, they can continue to include new assets regularly. With the chance to trade in forex and cryptocurrency on the same platform, the program can offer plenty of support for customers who are seeking a competitive crypto exchange.