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What is Coinswitch?

Coinswitch serves as a high-quality cryptocurrency exchange. The company works to collect a variety of data and offer more tools to their customers for trading cryptocurrency pairs. The overall goal of Coinswitch is to offer some of the best rates on cryptocurrency pair exchanges with a highly user-friendly interface.

The exchange itself can offer over 250 different coins to choose from and the 6000 pairs available for direct trading crypto. Coinswitch wants to make sure that the process of any transaction can be done on a unified platform and with reliable support over time.

The company is more than just an exchange, it serves as an exchange aggregator and this can mean that users can often save time in any type of pair exchange. Rather than the user having to check into multiple exchanges to confirm their information they can get aggregated data and trading results that will often result in better trades and a greater rate of return. Coinswitch wants to ultimately maximize the value of the assets that a company can offer over time.


Trading with Coinswitch:

The process of trading on Coinswitch is designed to be quite easy. You can quite quickly find a series of chosen cryptocurrencies and see a wide range of supported coins that are available on the website. By selecting the currency that you would like to change over, you can click on the tray button and then execute the trade from their. You’ll be taken to a page where you can adjust pairings to trade from or trade to a certain type of crypto value. By clicking on the view all offers button, you can also see an ongoing listing of all of the trending currency pairs right now. The trading platform will work at aggregating data so that you can quickly pull information in the search form and make educated decisions based off of the current rates of each cryptocurrency.

Trading Fees with Coinswitch:

The trading fees on Coinswitch very based off of the type of trade that a user makes. In most cases the fee will range from .25% all the way up to .98%. With fees that are guaranteed to be under 1% you can still get access to a trading fee exchange with very low rates over time. Working with Coinswitch will help to make sure your trading fees can stay low.


Excellent interface
Great way to earn more by viewing trends in data
A massive number of currency pairs
Low fees for trading

Customer support:

The customer support that’s available on Coinswitch is available on multiple social networks and the customer service representatives can also be contacted through the online forms. With the help of the contact page, chat boxes and through their phone number listings it becomes very easy for individuals to get access to the customer support that is required to enjoy the platform and avoid issues on it.


Coinswitch is an excellent place to enjoy low fees and an aggregated exchange. With access to more information on the platform, you can work at improving your overall margins while still having access to a reasonable exchange platform for the trades you wish to make.