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What Is Coinspot?

Coinspot is a cryptocurrency exchange and it’s one of the first official exchanges in Australia for buying and selling bitcoin, Ethereum & Iota Coin. Today the network is grown to over 100 digital currencies and pairings for AUD in international trading. The original exchange was founded first in the year 2013 and the platform is completely accessible on many mobile devices. The overall goal of Coinspot is to make trading very accessible and to make sure that it can offer reasonable fees within the market.

Coinspot Review

Trading with Coinspot:

Trading on Coinspot certainly gives users options. As one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges there is over 100 tokens and coins supported. This can give users multiple options when it comes to the way that they may want to invest. Having extra pairings can also be quite helpful for keeping profits at an all time high.

Coinspot differs from some other exchanges because it’s based in Australia and has a registered Australian business number. It complies with all of the latest financial laws in Australia and any new customer will need to complete a strict verification process before they can start to trade. The system itself requires verification and will always be policed by the financial laws of Australia. This can improve security but it can often hinder the progress for some people that wanted a quick start account option.

Trading Fees on Coinspot:

Coinspot was forced to lower its fees to comply with the Australian financial regulations. As an official Australian business the fees on any deposit can be quite low at 0% but the trading fees can go as high as 1% on an instant by. Most typical market orders are .1% and this is on most of the more popular crypto pairs. BTC for example will constantly enjoy a regular .1% trading fee for a standard market order.


Massive selection of crypto pairs
You can buy in AUD
The interface is very user friendly
Complaint with CTF AML laws
Easy direct deposits
Buy Iota Coin with credit card
Buy Iota Coin with Poli Payments (Internet Banking)

Customer support:

Coinspot will feature improved customer support which is run through Zen desk. Traders can very easily submit various support tickets when they are required and with quick responses. In most cases the support comes back through an e-mail inquiry but Coinspot does also deliver many FAQ`s which will provide help and assistance over time.

The customer support system is sometimes needed in the verification process to make sure that IDs can be appropriately managed over time. Customer support can help with everything from two factor authentication to verifying addresses and more.


If you have been seeking a competitive crypto platform that will also contain a wide range of pairings, you should strongly consider the idea of trying out coinspot for its ability to offer improved customer service. The crypto platform itself has high security and plenty of options in the form of trading. Although some of the fees can be a bit higher than other trading platforms, this can offer a fantastic level of support for a number of traders.

Simply having the option to trade 100+ pairings can often be a great reason to try out this system. Their interface and ease of use, even in complicated trades can make it the perfect solution for moderately advanced traders.