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What is Coinfield?

Coinfield is a Bitcoin trading platform that serves as Canada’s cryptocurrency exchange.
The process of trading a cryptocurrency in Canada was previously something that would take place on US trading platforms only. Having a Canadian exchange can help to grow the value of cryptocurrency in Canada and work to make sure that it is widely acceptable. Having a platform like this one could help to open up trading in Canada for the first time for many people that are seeking these opportunities.
While there are many options that are available for Canadians, Coinfield is a platform that has full backing from relevant Canadian investing authorities as well as a series of high-level investors. The biggest reason that many people are choosing this platform is because it comes with a series of factors that are recognized as excellent in the field of trading.


The security that’s available on this platform is some of the best available from a current running exchange. The platform keeps 99% of its coins in a local cold wallet storage. It only really releases the blocks of coins exactly when they are needed. The algorithm on board works to prevent fraud and make sure that the platform can constantly be up and running without malicious attacks. 

It’s easy use: Coinfield can be an extremely easy platform to use it takes just a few minutes to sign up and get started. Most new users will be up and running in just a few moments with a secure password, their name and an account. It’s also possible to access some of the education on board to make sure that you could instantly start trading like a true professional. 

You can trade on mobile: The process of trading on a mobile phone through Coinfield gives it a true advantage in the market. The application can run on IOS and android platforms and this means that you can have a constant trading platform for your tablet or for your smartphone.

Customer service: 

there is 24 seven support available on Coinfield. The customer service department here is some of the best in the industry and they can answer inquiries via telephone, online and more. 

New coins are consistently being added onto this platform. There are a wide range of options that can be used for trading and people that are trading on the platform can always have access to lucrative trading opportunities. The measures that are being taken on by the development team are consistently making this site easier to use and regularly working to make this exchange more secure for the future.

With new rollouts on cryptocurrency expected even into the new year, this will be a platform that is perfect for exchange, trading and more. If you are a Canadian user Coinfield represents one of the best Canadian applications that’s available for trading crypto. The platform is now backed by a series of high-level investors and investment regulations as well. 

If you would like to learn more about the platform you should consider visiting Coinfield today to get started with this opportunity.

Coinfield Review
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