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What is Cobinhood?

Cobinhood is an exchange system which is designed primarily for trading cryptocurrency. It is a platform with cryptocurrency that truly herald itself is being one of the first for offering a zero fee exchange. The platform itself was founded by Popo Chen. The entrepreneur started in electrical engineering at 22 and has since created a series of entrepreneurial efforts with Cobinhood being his premier crypto exchange.

The platform is certainly making waves especially with its simple sign-up process and with the interesting tools that it has on board for profitability.

Cobinhood Review

Trading with Cobinhood:

In order to trade on Cobinhood the account creation process needs to take place. It is relatively straightforward and can be done on the home page. You get started by clicking on the create account form and then filling out the form including its terms and conditions.

When you click that you agree you can then confirm that you are not a robot and complete the entire sign-up with an email confirmation at the end of the experience. Several different forms of verification can help you get access to new withdrawal limits. Level I verification with email confirmation will help to increase your limits to 3 BTC trades and withdrawals. When you receive level II with a verified passport, you can increase your limits by up to 100 BTC.

You can trade almost completely through the browser using this exchange. The information that’s available online is provided in a detailed graph which goes through extensive highs and lows and a variety of history on each trade through the platform. Checking out the trading history can help to make sure that you can get access to some of the best information for making informed trades for the future.

The platform is also present on Apple devices and android devices so you can access the exchange on almost any type of smart phones.

Trading Fees on Cobinhood:

Cobinhood offers zero trading fees on all of the crypto exchange that they do. There’s also zero trading fees associated with spot trading over time or margin trading. The only real fees that are associated with Cobinhood is the need for withdrawal fees of approximately .001 on any BTC withdrawls completed.


Great app for mobile
Offers a wide range of crypto
Offers ongoing competitions for the best traders
Great interface
Zero trading fees
Customer support:

The support that’s available on Cobinhood is excellent and it remains widely available through the community. Members can easily access new community posts and contact the owners of the website to learn more about the latest changes at any time. Customer support is available across many hours of the day so that there can be the best in support options for account holders.


As a great currency exchange and underwriting service, this is one of the very first platforms known for a zero transaction fees. There are a good number of trading pairs available as well as a very simple verification process so that you can get up and trading.