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Best Bitcoin Platforms With Lowest Fees

Bitcoin Platforms come in all kinds of different ways.  There are various dashboard setups as well as fees as you can see.  The important thing when looking at bitcoin platforms is that you need to find what works for you.  While this may seem obvious, there are many people that stay on a platform that they don’t like as they fear change.  However, it is important that you find a dashboard that is set up and easy to use.  While what is considered easy to use for some, is not for others.  If you want to take a test drive, most offer a free trial where you can go in and try out the platform.  Some will even give you a demo account where you actually are not doing real transactions.  This is nice so that you can get a feel of what the dashboard is like.

Most Bitcoin platforms allow you to trade in not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well.  So, if Bitcoin isn’t what you like to trade, no worries.  Bitcoin is typically what all the other cryptocurrency is gauged against on these Bitcoin platforms.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of trading in Bitcoin and other cryptos.  They have heard or experienced fraud in some fashion.  However, in recent years, it actually has been cleaned up quite a bit by the Bitcoin Platforms. The exchanges and platforms are now not only user friendly but very safe as well.

Comparing Bitcoin Platforms

When you are comparing the various Bitcoin platforms be sure that you take note of what others have to say.  Look around at various YouTube videos and blogs.  This allows you to quickly see what others are saying about the various platforms.  Take into account the pros and cons listed to ensure you get one of the best Bitcoin Platforms of which is safe and affordable.  Most Bitcoin platforms will have fees associated with trading.  These fees vary quite a bit but can typically be easily found on their site of the chart on this page.  You will not only need to find a platform to exchange your cryptocurrency but also a platform that will work with whatever wallet you have chosen.

Security is very important when you are looking for a cryptocurrency option.  This should be pretty obvious.  The platform should have a good reputation in the industry for having good security measures in place.  Be sure, before signing up for any platform that you take a minute to do your research. This can save you loads of time and lost money in the future.  Due diligence, as with anything, takes time, however, it is very important in keeping your investments safe.

The different Bitcoin Platforms

Some platforms take people from around the world, while others will only offer to certain countries.  This is another important feature of Bitcoin platforms that you should take note of.  If you are from the US, our chart can assist you in finding which platforms are right for you in this regard.  Additionally, we have thought about other countries as well and have posted which ones will honour the Sepa payments for those in the European countries. 

While all of these exchanges are a bit different, one thing they have in common is the setting up, which could take a few hours or days to complete.  This isn’t that much work or effort but they will have to verify things to ensure that you are who you say you are and link up your bank accounts and such.  This is a good sign that the platform you are on is indeed safe.

When you are first starting out looking at the various Bitcoin platforms, you may find a lot of terms that are confusing.  Bitcoin has been around for a while and many people have heard of it.  But, they don’t really understand how it works.  Let’s take a look at that and see if we can assist you in better understanding.

Bitcoin operates on what they call Blockchain.  Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger per se.  This ledger however is not owned by any bank or even one person.  It is housed on a series of computer systems all over the world.  This ledger cannot be lost or erased as it is fully backed up every second.  It records everything with precision on time and amount.

Is there more than one blockchain?

Yes, there is more than one blockchain.  While Bitcoin has their blockchain, the other currencies have their own. These blockchains essentially work very similarly but are housed on different computer systems and linked to each other but not back to the Bitcoin blockchain.  It simply is a technology that is used in all Cryptocurrencies and is being improved upon all the time. This is a way that everything is tracked with complete accuracy but, again, it is not owned by anyone person or establishment.  This means that it has a harder time being manipulated or hacked.  This is another reason that many people like this technology.  It is very safe and secure.

Is Bitcoin money?

Bitcoin is a form of currency.  It isn’t the form that we think of traditionally, no. However, it does have value and people do invest in it.  That’s why we are here, isn’t it?  People of countries whose country banking systems have collapsed use Bitcoin as a currency.  However, it is known to be really slow.  It is believed that it can only process up to 7 transactions in a second.  While this might sound like a lot, there are a lot of transactions happening from all over the world.

To start using Bitcoin you don’t need a bank.  In fact, banks feel threatened by Bitcoin in a way, as it is much safer and more secure than a bank.  All you need is a Bitcoin address which is a series of letters and numbers that tell the blockchain who you are.  This number is very important and must be safeguarded in order to maintain your security.  You will be asked this number on Bitcoin platforms and for your wallet.


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